Squashing Bugs - freeCodeCamp Issue #35791 (PR #35792)

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Squashing Bugs - freeCodeCamp Issue #35791

I was in the middle of responding to issue #35751 for freeCodeCamp, when I found a typo in the local development setup guides! I was writing up the other bugfix report as I churned along, but, wow - I managed to contribute and have my changes accepted for a completely different effort!

To note, this post is for issue #35791 and not the very similarly numbered #35751, which I am in the middle of writing another bugfix report for. You’ll see my other report on this site once I finish editing files and performing a spell-check. That draft is sitting on my harddrive, so, even if you end up seeing this first, this is my second magic trick.

But it’s one that resulted in a successful pull request (#35792) as well!

Logo for Free Code Camp.

The nonprofit’s mission is simple: help campers learn to code. For free. (And this time, it’s free as in pizza and free as in libre). I did a brief review on the Free Code Camp code base in preparation for the other bugfix report here. You can also read my FLOSS review post here.


I was reading over the local developer setup guide when I came across an innocuous typo. The link to the contributor’s forum hadn’t been updated!

Screenshot of the suspect.

The link goes to https://www.freecodecamp.org/c/contributors when it should be pointing to https://www.freecodecamp.org/forum/c/contributors.

The Issue

Since I already had read the contributor’s guide. I was ready to roll. I went ahead and created a new issue (#35791).

I gave information about steps on how to reproduce the error, what I believed the expected outcome should have been, and followed all of the contributor guidelines that they had set out for us. The issue itself was a link that pointed to a non-existent page, causing a 404 error - you can read the mundane details in the issue itself.

Squashing the Bug

Squashing this bug was simple: I had to change the links to point to the correct location.

Creating a Pull Request

Once the pull request (#35792) was created, it passed the Travis CI build tests, and was accepted by one of the core maintainers for the repository.

Screenshot of the issue showing the merged pull request.

The issue (#35791.) thread also reflects that the pull request was accepted.

Screenshot of the issue showing the merged pull request.

With that, my first pull request was accepted! All while I was trying to get another bugfix done.